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Model "PIC" product line

Metal-Fab offers a complete line of pressure rated chimneys and vents from single wall (PSW); to air insulated (PIC); through up to 4 inch ceramic insulated (IPIC-4) for a variety of applications. Model PIC and IPIC building heating appliance chimneys are suitable for use with building heating appliances and other low heat appliances as described in NFPA 211; Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances, that produce exhaust flue gas temperatures not exceeding 1000°F continuous or 1400°F intermittently. The PIC and IPIC chimneys are also suitable for higher heat applications where continuous temperatures do not exceed 1400°F and where the intermittent maximum temperature is less than 1800°F.

Heating Appliances-Gas/Oil

Pressure Chimney can be applied on a variety of both gas and oil fired heating appliances including furnace vent, steam boiler flue, water boiler flue, pool heater vents, laundry vents, building heating equipment chimney, etc.

Fume Exhaust

Metal-Fab commercial/industrial vents are available for a number of fume exhaust applications for laboratory exhaust, process venting, and chimney vents for manufacturing.

Engine/Turbine Exhaust

Factory-Built exhaust systems have been utilized for many years on Diesel, Gasoline, and Natural Gas powered stand-by, co-generation, and primary power generation equipment. Its use has expanded into gas fired turbine generation equipment also.

Category 1 Appliance Vent

Metal-Fab manufactures a complete line of Type B-Vent atmospheric gas fired equipment flue from 3" diameter through 30" diameter flue pipe and fittings.


Metal-Fab is a leader in Flanged - Pressure Rated CAT II - CAT III - CAT IV (AL29-4C) Vent (for Condensing Appliances&Corrosive Environments).


Metal-Fab makes a complete line of Factory built double wall All-Fuel chimney for listed coal, wood, oil, or gas fired appliances.

G-Series Pre-Fab Grease Duct

Metal-Fab manufactures a UL Listed and code approved solution to venting commercial kitchen exhaust with a Lilited Lifetime Warranty.

Grease Duct Video

Metal-Fab provides visual testing proof why designers need to consider the modern, cost effective, code approved Series G factory built grease duct systems.

Product Application

Metal-Fab builds solutions to most of your commercial/industrial venting needs. Start your search here for the model venting that satisfies your project requirements.