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Rev-Low Hoods

The Rev-Low hood is a revolutionary idea in commercial kitchen ventilator design. Rev-Low allows the exhaust flow to be field adjusted from 100 CFM/ft to 450 CFM/ft over each appliance without effecting the overall efficiency of the grease extractor. Your kitchen will exhaust the lowest minimum required to ventilate the appliances located under the hood. After your kitchen is complete, appliances can be relocated, added, or removed from under the hood. Low exhaust air requirements reduces the initial capital cost of exhaust fans, make up air systems and ductwork, and significantly decreases the annual heating and cooling energy costs.

Cartridge Hoods

Our cartridge hoods are available with a high-efficiency cartridge filter, a dead weight fusible link fire damper or no exhaust fire damper, six hood types and five make up air options. The cartridge removes grease,dirt and lint through centrifugal force. The cartridge is removed from the hood and washed manually or in a dishwasher.

Dry Extractor Hoods

Our dry extractors are available with a "D" type high-efficiency grease extractor, a dead weight fusible link fire damper or no exhaust fire damper, eight hood types and five make up air options. The type "D" grease extractor is a high efficiency dry grease extractor. The type "D" grease extractor removes grease, dirt and lint through centrifugal force

Water Wash Hoods

Our wash hoods are available in both "H" hot water wash and "C" cold-water spray, with three fire damper arrangements, seven hood types and five make up air options. The type "C" grease extractor has the highest grease extraction efficiency available in a water wash ventilator. The water wash grease extractor wash system is designed to minimize detergent and hot water demand and reduce maintenance requirements.

Filter Hoods

Our filter hoods are available with a four types of baffle filters, a dead weight fusible link fire damper or no exhaust fire damper, seven hood types and five make up air options. The baffle removes grease, dirt and lint through centrifugal force. The filter is removed from the hood and washed manually or in a dishwasher.

TruFlow VAV Energy Mgmt

The TruFlow Energy Management Controller is designed to provide the most energy efficient kitchen available. TruFlow automatically adjusts the exhaust volume to match the amount of heat and smoke rising from the cooking appliances. Modulating the exhaust to match the rate of cooking reduces the exhaust and supply air that must be heated or cooled. There could be energy savings as high as 50% of your annual fresh air heating and cooling bill.Payback is typically 1 to 2 years. TruFlow can be retrofitted on your existing commercial kitchen or provided with your new kitchen exhaust system.

TruFlow Energy Savings Report

In order for us to build your TruFlow Energy Savings Report we need to know a bit about you and your facility. The information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone.You may also call, toll free, at any time at 1-866-874-4505 x.29. We look forward to speaking with you.

Exhaust fans

The exhaust fan and roof curb is acceptable for restaurant use by all local and national authorities. The model PNU roof mounting creates a high velocity discharge jet that throws exhaust air high above the roof level and disperses it high into prevailing wind currents. An aluminum wind-band housing provides weather protection while an integral drain fitting permits the accumulation and removal of liquid grease. The PNU is UL762 listed.

Make Up Air Units

The Spring Air Systems SFA makeup air unit is designed and constructed specifically for commercial kitchen applications. Indoor and outdoor SFA units are available with replaceable filters, back-draft damper, motorized inlet damper and end switch, fan motor, belts, motor starter, drives, indirect gas fired heating, direct gas fired heating, current transformer interlocks, evaporative cooling, DX cooling, chilled water coils, hot water coils, and perimeter curbs.

KES Enviro

The KES unit is installed to clean the exhaust air of grease and odor. The UL/ULC listing allows the exhaust to be discharged at low levels. In other words, the exhaust ductwork may be discharged through side exterior walls below the roof level and without normal clearance to property lines or into parking garages. These exceptions to the standard NFPA-96 code are possible with a combination high efficiency filtration system and a unique electrical and mechanical safety circuit.

Utility Distribution Systems

The Utility Distribution Systems allows an increase of flexibility over conventional utility connections. It is designed to provide additional capacity according to job specifications.Spare connection points are provided for future cooking equipment expansion, making adding new equipment effortless. Rearranging the cooking line-up also require minimal effort, especially when the equipment is on casters.The Spring Air Systems UDI is designed to meet all electrical and plumbing requirements for your kitchen appliances. A two-compartment raceway houses either an electric copper bus bar or wireway, which is completely isolated from the plumbing supply manifolds.

Energy Rail UDS

The Spring Air Systems ENR energy rail utility distribution system is design specifically for commercial kitchens. The energy rail systems are individually designed for each commercial kitchen application. It is used on all cooking related equipment for any commercial kitchen application. The unit is floor mounted for island or wall mounted installations, to provide a compete source of utilities for the commercial kitchen equipment. The Energy Rails are suitable for applications ranging from institutional cooking to fast food stores and comes complete with electric power (high and low voltage), hot water, cold water, steam, and gas connections.

Wet Chemical & Piranha systems

All Spring Air hoods can be factory pre-piped with a WC, PF, and PT surface fire suppression system. The WC is a fusible link activated, wet chemical with a mechanical gas valve. The PF is a fusible link activated, Piranha system with a mechanical gas valve. The PT is a thermostatic Fenwal activated, Piranha system with an electrical gas valve. The fire suppression cylinder can be shipped loose for field installation or mounted in a cabinet on the end of the hood. The final hookup is completed by a factory trained, certified technician.We recommend the Piranha systems be connected to a building sprinkler system.

Spring Air Systems